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Great race this morning, even if the course was abbreviated because of bad weather that blew through Atlanta. No biking portion of the triathlon but racers still gave it their all this morning.

We are in the process of uploading more than 1,750 photos to the site. 

You can find your race photos by either putting in your bib number, or the keywords finish, run or transition. 
For those of you whose bib numbers we couldn't see, we have used the keyword "mystery"

And if you just want to browse all the photos from the race, use the keyword "path"

See you at the next race!

Wingfoot Photos

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Kick Start Duathlon Hey racers!

We were at our first Georgia Multisports race _ a beauty up in Cartersville: Kick Start duathlon. As the name suggests, it kicks off this year's season. Nice course along beautiful farmland _ a run/bike/run that saw some mighty fast racers!

We are in the midst of processing more than 1,500 images. Stay tuned and we will update everyone when the whole batch is up for viewing. 


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Busy Weekend Ahead! Hey racers,

You'll get a chance to see Wingfoot Photos at two races this weekend!

We'll be doing Saturday's Dirty Spokes Peach Jam Half Marathon _ which is always a special race. Looking forward to capturing everyone on this exciting course in Cumming.

And we'll also be at the Georgia Multisports Kick Start Duathlon on Sunday in Cartersville. 

Keep an eye out for the photographers and may the wind be to your back!


Looking forward to seeing everyone ...


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Olde Rope Mill Photos Are Up! Hi racers!

What a great race yesterday! Lots of hills, mud from the recent rains and some humidity all mixed in to make this one gnarly course!

All the photos are up on our site. 

You'll also see a slight change to our website. We now have a separate tab for Dirty Spokes races and a new tab for Georgia Multisports. Yes, we've signed on with our friends at GA Multisports who put on some duathlons, triathlons and other outdoor fun. 

See you at the next race!

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Dirty Spokes' North Georgia College 2.5/5.3 trail race Hi runners!

What a great race at the University of North Georgia in Gainesville! A bit muddy after the recent rains. A bit muggy. Only slightly buggy. But a great group of runners _ as always! _ traipsing through the woods. All of the images from the race are uploaded and ready to view. 

Just use the keyword "north georgia" to see all of the images from the race. Or use your bib number to search for your own photos. If your bib number couldn't be seen, you can also use the keyword "mystery" to try to find you shy and retiring types.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next upcoming race: a duathlon this time at Fort Yargo in Winder on March 26.

In the meantime: Be safe out there and hit the trails!

Your photographers at Wingfoot Photos...

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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friends!

Thinking about a last-minute gift for yourself or a loved one? How about a nicely framed print from one of your races? They capture a moment in time that you should be proud of _ and it's a great way to head into a new year: showing off something fun and healthy!


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Victoria Bryant Race Photos Are Up! Hi runners!

More than 1,000 photos have been posted from the Dirty Spokes Victoria Bryant 10K/5K. You can search for your photos by putting in your bib number in the keyword search.

For runners whose numbers weren't visible, you can also search by using the keyword "mystery"

If you want to see awards ceremonies, the start or the finish, just use the keyword "awards" "start" and "finish"

And if you just want to look at a selection of our favorites, put in the keyword "victoria"

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next race!

Your photographers at Wingfoot Photos

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Dirty Spokes Victoria Bryant State Park Hey race fans!

Wingfoot Photos is stoked to say we'll be back at a Dirty Spokes race, this time at Victoria Bryant State Park in Royston, Georgia! This is a 10K/5K trail race through one of the nicest parks around in north Georgia.


Looking forward to seeing everyone. Keep an eye out for us at the start and finish lines as well as along the course!


We should have photos up within 24-48 hours.


This time, we're trying something a bit different with the photos. We will offer two versions of each image: one with the name of the race in the lower lefthand corner, and the other without any markings. That will give everyone more flexibility to order a variety of sizes.


Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to the Northeast Georgia Food Bank.


Good luck!



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Little Mulberry 10K/5K photos are up! Thanks to all the runners who showed up this past weekend for the Dirty Spokes Little Mulberry 10K/5K. It was a great day to be out for a run, even if it was a tad chilly! Congrats to all of you runners who came out!

You'll next see Wingfoot Photos at the Dirty Spokes Victoria Bryant State Park 10K/5K on December 5!

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Dirty Spokes Little Mulberry 5K/10K Hi race fans!

Wingfoot Photos is going to be at the upcoming Dirty Spokes 5K/10K race at Little Mulberry Park on Saturday, Nov. 14. This is their fourth annual trail run at this wonderful wooded oasis in Dacula, Georgia. ( We're looking forward to capturing your images as you tackle these trails. They spent quite a few months working on the trails this past year, so they should be in a great shape!

In the Thanksgiving spirit, we will be donating 10 percent of our proceeds to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. (

We will be setting up a specific link to your race day photos. Come on back to and it will be there within a few days of the race for you to order any prints you'd like.

See you there!

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